Horizon Elementary School at Hillside!

Hillside School and CPNJ’s Horizon school held their annual art appreciation day on Monday, May 15th at Hillside School.

Three classes from Horizon Elementary School, joined with the three 5th grade classes at Hillside to learn about the famous artist Andy Warhol. The classes then collectively created a six-foot piece inspired by Warhols famous 1962 piece entitled “Campbells Soup Cans.”

The day is a part of the  Hillside Horizon Helping Hands program integrating students with special needs into the community with their typically developing peers. The program allows the students from each school to learn from each other and participate in several educational, and fun activities throughout the school year.

SuperHero Day at Horizon Elementary School

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Doctoral Physical Therapy students from Seton Hall School of Health and Medical Sciences visited our Horizon Elementary School last week. Faculty, Students and our SHU guests alike gathered dressed as their favorite superheroes to enjoy some action-packed activity stations. From Hulk-Smashing toppling towers of boxes — to traversing depths of the Bat Cave — Horizon students whisked away danger with some help from their trusty sidekicks. Huge thanks to Seton Hall University’s Physical Therapy Doctoral Students for giving our students a SUPER day!