Horizon High School Wheelin’ – n’ – Walkin’ Challenge

Horizon High School held its annual Wheelin’ – n’ – Walkin’ Challenge fundraiser today. Students, personal, voluntarios, and families gathered to walk the concourse of Horizon High. Thanks go out to all who donated, participated and orchestrated this fantastic event! Este año, the walk raised over $69,000 for Horizon High School’s annual fund. We would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to our top fundraisers: Bob Murray (encima $15,000), The Halkyard Family (encima $11,000) and the Machemer family (encima $6,000). También nos gustaría felicitar al comité del evento (Janet Pereira-España, Katie Regan, Ted Groh, Beth Ann Rueter, Ken Brucato, Laura Vesuvio, Laura Maresciallo, Jennymond Sawyer, Jennifer McClean)! Cheers to another fantastic year!


For the last JUMPSTART! Therapeutic Playgroup session of the spring season, our friends jumped in Horizon Elementary School’s indoor 92-degree aquatic therapy pool for a fun and relaxing final playgroup. In this session Horizon therapists taught parents how to safely handle their child in a water environment, while encouraging various position changes that are relevant to swimming and water safety. Movement in the warm water of the aquatic therapy pool addresses fine motor, gross motor, increased vocalization, and social interaction skills. This allowed the children to experience physical freedom of movement in a supportive, buoyant environment. Special thanks to all of our Early Intervention families for another spectacular playgroup!

Escuela Primaria de CPNJ Horizonte será la anfitriona de una sesión de verano abreviada de su JUMPSTART! La intervención temprana terapéutica Playgroup! La inscripción ya está abierto. Para obtener más información o para registrarse, contact Hetty Kintiroglou at (973) 740 2353 ext. 2140 or at hkintiroglou@cpnj.org or visit our CPNJ Horizon Schools website!!! ( http://horizonschoolsnj.org/ )