Personalized Training

Elementary School Education
Horizon School takes a functional approach to learning, tailoring our transdisciplinary, collaborative approach to teaching and delivering therapy services to meet the unique needs and abilities of each individual student. We believe that all activities of daily living – including everything from changing and toileting to feeding and peer interaction- are opportunities for students to learn and grow.

We utilize the Common Core Standards in conjunction with specialized curriculum in the areas of Language Arts, Math and Science. Educational technology- including adapted computers, interactive whiteboards, TAP-it computer system and iPads - is used in creating and implementing lessons.
Language Arts
Horizon School's Special Needs Language Arts Curriculum From Kindergarten to 9th grade, specialized curriculum is utilized to assist students with significant cognitive disabilities in the instruction of Language Arts. This curriculum uses sight words combined with pictures to improve vocabulary, comprehension, and word identification within a specific scope and sequence.
Horizon School Special Needs Math Curriculum Our math curriculum addresses number concepts in a variety of ways. Each lesson involves a story with real world applications and uses a variety of engaging manipulatives. The curriculum’s intent is to improve number skills to better prepare students for the Common Core Standards.
Horizon School Special Needs Math Curriculum In Science, the students are given an opportunity to learn grade level content with modifications. Hands-on experiments are engaging with manipulatives and involve lessons with meaningful life situations. The units are focused on Five Senses, Rock Cycle, Earth and Space, and Life Cycles of Plants and Animals.