This is a fully-accessible learning station with a 42” touch-screen that can be raised, lowered and tilted up to 90 degrees.
Interactive White Boards
All classrooms offer interactive whiteboards.
iPads are available in every classroom.
AT Library
Our Assistive Technology Library offers a wide range of communication systems, adapted computer technology and alternate access switches.
AT Kits
The Assistive Technology (AT) Kits are customized packages of equipment that have been distributed to each classroom at our two schools, as well as to special-purpose rooms such as therapy treatment rooms and the school store. Each kit features a standardized bundle of basic and flexible AT items, such as single switches, single-message voice output devices and environmental control units, that are intended for general classroom use to facilitate independence in students' access, communication and participation. The AT Kit additionally houses equipment that has been selected and/or purchased for individual students based on assessment outcomes. The AT Kit itself was designed to make more assistive technology readily available to the students while also providing the classroom staff with a method of storing, maintaining and organizing the items.
Adapted Classroom Computers
Our computers offer adapted screens, mice and keyboards that provide access to more than 100 specialized educational software programs.