Unique Therapy Model

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists provide a number of services to facilitate students’ mobility in school and in the community. Students work on gait training, wheelchair mobility, strengthening, balance, coordination and endurance to promote functional independence in order to participate in age appropriate activities.
PT Treehouse
Our preschool room features a treehouse to motivate students in a range of activities.
Aquatic Therapy Pool
Students utilize the pool each week with their therapy team to work on individual IEP goals.
Adapted Equipment
We maintain a wide range of adapted equipment, including wheelchairs, walkers, tricycles, chairs and standers.
Accessible Play Park
Our 2,500 sf play park turns PT into a thrilling experience for students
Exposure to Equine Therapy
All Horizon students may participate in hippotherapy at a nearby stable.
Gait Training
Our expert staff routinely helps students to make dramatic improvements in their ability to ambulate.
The cutting-edge device applies non-painful, low-level electrical currents directly to the nerves in the lower leg that control movement of the ankle and foot. The device communicates with a laptop (using Bluetooth technology) that has a program customized to each student’s walking pattern. The computer program determines the appropriate time to deliver the stimulation with every step, therefore improving the child’s gait.
Kinesio Taping
A highly elastic tape is placed over target muscles to reduce pain and relax the muscles while facilitating movement.
Durable Medical Equipment
Horizon School’s Durable Medical Equipment Department provides bi-monthly on-site clinics to assist students and their families with all issues related to their equipment, including manual or power wheelchairs, adaptive strollers, walkers, canes or crutches, standers, bathroom equipment, therapeutic chairs, protective helmets, orthoses (braces for feet) and splints (for arms or legs) and patient lifts. Our experts help families order the appropriate equipment (including dealing with insurance companies and evaluating various types of equipment) and assist with any modifications and repairs needed.
NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) Techniques
PT staff use these advanced therapeutic techniques to work with students with challenges to their central nervous systems.