Family Nights
To foster and develop positive relationships with our families, we offer regular Family Nights that include everything from movie night out to appearances by live entertainers.
Our karate instructor helps students learn discipline and respect while building self-esteem
Adapted Yoga
Under the direction of our therapy staff, adapted yoga incorporates warm-up exercises, breathing exercises, yoga poses, and ends with relaxation time. Sessions are focused on improving the students’ breathing, communication, ability to follow directions, motor planning, balance, overall body strengthening, stretching, endurance, coordination, attention, body awareness, self-esteem, and respect for others.
Basketball Team
Under the coaching direction of an Occupational Therapist and an Employment Specialist, our basketball team travels to compete against local private school programs. Students can also participate in an intramural athletic program.
Student Government
Led by our President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, the school’s student government provides the student’s the opportunity to have their opinions heard and implement change in the school program.
Pet Therapy
Certified therapy animals regularly visit with students
Community Trips
We believe community integration is critical to our students’ education and plan regular trips to a host of sites in the area.
Annual Theatre Production
Our annual theatre production highlights the abilities of our students and accommodations ensure all students have a chance to participate.
Under the direction of our choir director, the students write and sing original music, providing entertainment to our school and the community.
Horticultural Program
Students tend an outdoor garden to grow a variety of vegetables which are then consumed or sold.
Young Men’s and Young Women’s Groups
The groups allow our students to interact with each other, share common interests, and support each other throughout the course of their high school career.
Consumer Advisory and Advocacy Board
Our students send representatives to this Board, which is comprised of consumers of all ages and all agency programs. The group meets quarterly to discuss and advocate for various issues of common interest.
Paint Rollers
This is an adapted art group for students with physical impairments. Students create collaborative works of art by using custom-made adapted art equipment such as switch adapted paint sprayers, strap-on writing tools, and built-up stencils.
This switch access group is collaboratively run by occupational and speech-language therapists. Members are non-verbal, non-ambulatory students with limited voluntary movement of their bodies who are all working to gain better access to their environments through switch access.