Horizon High School
The school was built in 2005 and tailored to meet the needs of students with developmental disabilities. The school currently serves over 90 students and is located in Livingston, New Jersey,
Aquatic Therapy Pool
Horizon High School has a fully adapted pool where therapists perform aquatic therapy sessions. Aquatic Therapy refers to passive and active treatments and exercises performed in the water for relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic and functional benefits. The pool is heated to therapeutic temperatures where techniques including Halliwick, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, and Watsu can be performed. Therapeutic applications of the therapy pool include gait training, postural control/stability, balance training, facilitated swimming, therapeutic exercise, and sensory integration for children and adults with neurological disorders, musculoskeletal pain, post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries. The use of our many adapted tubes, floats, walkers, weights, steps, balls, etc. help our students gain self-esteem while being as independent as possible, and of course having fun.
Computer Center
The Horizon High School Computer Center is state of the art with 12 ADA accessible computers with touch screen monitors on swing arms to make them the perfect height and distance for individuals. We are upgrading our interactive whiteboard to a Smartboard which will be more user friendly. We have a variety of specialized computer programs including programs for switch adapted games and activities, money management, reading and comprehension, data entry/inventory collection, typing assistance. In addition, the students utilize SOLO Literacy Suite software which helps with: researching, outlining ideas for reports, text to speak and word prediction. To help with various computer needs of students, there are numerous adapted keyboards available to use such as enlarged/reduced sized keyboards, high contrast keyboards with enlarged letters, and color coded keyboards to help with finger placement, a large switch and mounting selection, adapted mice, track pads, trackballs, and joysticks to encourage independence in accessing the computers.
Media Studio
Media center technology has played a critical role in helping Horizon High School students gain greater independence, assisting them in overcoming both physical and cognitive challenges that might otherwise be significant barriers. The media center provides a space where students can participate in innovative activities including the HHS Newscast, Totally Wired, and the HHS Music Studio. The HHS Newscast members write their own stories and deliver their reports during a weekly scheduled “air time”. The HHS Music Studio provides a means for students to express themselves in a creative, positive and cool way through writing songs and recording them using a computer software program. In addition to these projects, the media center also houses accessible computers, assistive technology equipment, and low vision materials to accommodate the needs of our students with multiple disabilities.
Model Apartment
Our life skills room offers our students an interactive hands on approach to learn essential everyday life skills. Our students can learn how to prepare a plate setting, make the bed, how to wash and dry plates, laundry management and simple house making tasks. Our life skills room offers a full life size kitchen with a stove, washer and dryer to simulate a real kitchen. Meal preparation and cooking groups are also offered in this room to teach our students how to prepare meals on their own while following a recipe. Our appliances are also adapted with the use of environmental control units which can accommodate any student to make them more successful and independent. In addition to the hands-on skills, during life skills students work on money management, budgeting, grocery list preparation, time management, and pre-vocational tasks (i.e. sorting functional items, resume development, interview skills etc.)
Student Medical Center
Our spacious new medical center provides a soothing environment to assist students with all their medical needs.
Sensory Integration Room
Our sensory room provides our students with a therapeutic environment where they can receive their sensory needs through various swings and therapeutic equipment including visual , tactile, and olfactory experiences. This room provides a space for our students to receive their sensory diets (sensory schedule) to help them organize and self regulate so they can better attend to the task at hand throughout the school day. Each sensory diet is designed by one of our Occupational Therapists who tailors the students schedule based on his or her sensory needs. Students are able to learn and expand their skills within this room so they can carry over the skills into the classroom. This room is also used for calming reactions for students who need a motor break or heavy work tasks.
Accessible Fitness Park
We are currently fundraising in order to break ground on this unique, state-of-the-art Fitness Park that will allow students to work on a wide variety of skills outdoors.
Sensory Room & Physical Therapy Gym
Our amazing new sensory room and adjacent physical therapy gym represents a major expansion and enhancement of our previous therapy space to include the very latest state-of-the-art equipment. The rooms were designed to be highly functional in light and darkness. With the lights out, the rooms have a planetarium feel, with glowing stars that move, bubble light columns and colored fiber optic wires. A “spider cage” allows therapists to use bungee cords to support a student’s limb or bodyweight to focus on therapeutic goals. A tactile mural of a dragon (made by students in the new vocational training room) runs along two walls of the new sensory room. A steel frame allows therapists to have as many as four students at a time suspended in swings. And the new PT gym includes a huge rock climbing wall that is already a favorite with students.
Vocational Room
Providing vocational opportunities is a key component of the curriculum at Horizon High School. The new vocational training center was designed to be highly versatile— the configuration and equipment allow students to experience a wide range of vocational settings and challenges that will help prepare students for a variety of work opportunities in the community. Specialized equipment allows students to design and make their own screen-printed t-shirts. Students use a wide range of power tools to practice woodworking and produce products for sale. A mock office allows students to learn tasks such as handling mailings. And students use the retail area to work on hanging, folding, organizing and displaying clothing.
Edward and Barbara Becker Adapted Kitchen
This newly updated room comes equipped with everything that can be found in a modern kitchen and gives students the opportunity to learn valuable life skills in a hands-on environment. Special thanks to Edward and Barbara Becker for making this room possible and for their continuous dedication to CPNJ. We would also like to thank The Hyde and Watson Foundation, The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, Wells Fargo, and Horizon High School's annual fund for their support.