Medical Services

Medical Clinics
We understand how challenging it can be to get children to various specialists. At Horizon High School, we bring the specialists into our school through specialized clinics.
Physiatry Clinic
Dr. JenFu Cheng, physiatrist from Childrens’ Specialized Hospital, holds a physiatry clinic every other month from September to June.
Neurology Clinic
Quarterly Neurology Clinics are held by Dr. Rina Goldberg & Dr. Aviva Bojko, who work for the Institute of Neurology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. A collaborative meeting takes place with parents and staff to discuss any issues the students present and recommendations are provided.
Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinic
Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics makes bimonthly visits to consult on bracing and splinting, as well as to fabricate and modify existing equipment.
Optometrist Screening
Dr. Michael T. Montenare visits our students on a yearly basis for Vision screening, a complete & thorough assessment is performed and prescriptions are given if needed. In collaboration with the Special program “Gift of Sight” from Lens Crafters, students are provided great eye glasses at no cost.
Student Medical Center
Our spacious new medical center provides a soothing environment to assist students with all their medical needs.
Behavioral Services
Consulting Psychiatrist - A Board Certified Child Psychiatrist is available to consult with school staff, families and outside health professionals regarding behavioral and or emotional issues that may impact the student’s school functioning. Our consulting psychiatrist observes the student in class or other activities, meets with the student’s team, and contacts the family and physicians with recommendations.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst / BCBA - We have a full time BCBA on staff to provide behavioral support services to students. Students that may engage in behaviors that impact learning, or that need to increase certain behaviors that will make them more accessible to learning may be referred for a consult. Our BCBA will assess the student’s behavior, collect the necessary data and develop an intervention plan that is discussed with the family and staff and approved by the IEP team. Intervention plans are reviewed regularly. Ongoing supervision of strategies and staff training is also provided.

Social Worker – We provide day to day social / emotional support to students. The social worker participates in IEP meetings and assists in intakes and any interventions needed during the school day. Our social worker is available to assist families in coordinating ancillary services for their child, as well as navigating and completing the state required applications for services. We also assist in coordinating service delivery with state agency case managers, as well as transition to adulthood.
Durable Medical Equipment
Horizon School’s Durable Medical Equipment Department provides bi-monthly on-site clinics to assist students and their families with all issues related to their equipment, including manual or power wheelchairs, adaptive strollers, walkers, canes or crutches, standers, bathroom equipment, therapeutic chairs, protective helmets, orthoses (braces for feet) and splints (for arms or legs) and patient lifts. Our experts help families order the appropriate equipment (including dealing with insurance companies and evaluating various types of equipment) and assist with any modifications and repairs needed.
Clinical Education Partnerships
Horizon School partners with a number of local colleges and universities to provide clinical education to future physical, occupational and speech therapists.