Horizonte Preescolar

Horizon Preschool School stresses a rigorous and comprehensive program that combines special education with physical, speech and occupational therapy and supplements this program with state-of- the-art educational technology as well as medical supports to create an enrichment program that is simply unparalleled.

La inscripción está abierta para JUMPSTART de CPNJ,en! early intervention therapeutic playgroup! The group is provided free of charge for children ages 3 and under, currently receiving early intervention services, and will meet every Tuesday for 8 weeks beginning October 16th at 10:30 AM at our Horizon Elemen...
Octubre & nbsp; 2018
  • Octubre05
    Equine Therapy starts
  • Octubre08
    Staff training - Escuela Cerrada
  • Octubre10
    Noche de Regreso a la Escuela
  • Octubre16
    Jumpstart comienza,,en,Actuación,,en,Colores de India,,en,Rendimiento de PaperMill,,en
  • Octubre18
    Grupo de juego preescolar reunión,en
  • Octubre19
    Fire Department visits
  • Octubre26
    Pingry volunteers