Personalized Learning

Preschool Education Program

For Children with a Disability and Special Needs


Horizon School’s Therapeutic Preschool is a state-approved program for multiply disabled children ages 3-5 years old located in Livingston, New Jersey.  Our comprehensive special needs education program specializes in the treatment and education of young children with developmental disabilities, physical and cognitive disabilities and those who are medically fragile.

Our preschool classes are directed by certified special education teachers and certified teachers’ assistants and our staff to student ratio is just 2:1.  Individual occupational, physical and speech language services are integrated into the curriculum to ensure maximal educational and therapeutic benefits for each individual student.

Preschool education special needsOur curriculum is based upon monthly themes and is developed by the entire preschool team, including the special education teacher, physical, occupational and speech language therapists.  These themes are used across subject areas to provide a cohesive and motivational learning environment.  Principles are adapted from various curriculums, such as Montessori and the Creative Curriculum programs.  This allows us to ensure that we provide the most appropriate level of education for our students for maximal functional outcomes.  Each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which provides the framework for individual goals and outcomes.

Our classrooms are bright and welcoming and are equipped with the most up-to-date educational and therapeutic technologies.  Each student has access to various adaptive technologies, such as the touch screen Tap-It, touch screen computer programs, iPads and individualized feeding equipment.  Each classroom is equipped with an assistive technology kit containing specialized switches, mounts and universal control units. Movement and positioning is integrated into each school day. Each child has access to custom seating, sensorimotor equipment, supportive standing frames and various types of walking devices.  There are daily sensory-motor activities that incorporate movement and sensory input into the educational lessons in order to provide a very tangible learning experience for each child.  Because our highly specialized therapists are such an integral part of the classroom, they are able to provide ongoing assessment and are able to modify each student’s program as needed to best meet their needs and cater to their disability.

Our highly skilled therapists also provide feeding therapy, vision training, aquatic therapy and hippotherapy services on school grounds.  An extended school year program is available in July and August.