Horizon School Wheelin – N – Walkin Challenge Raises Over $140,000

7Earlier today, family, staff, volunteers, donors, and board members gathered at Horizon School for their annual Wheelin’ – N’ – Walkin’ Challenge fundraiser. Together, they walked a course in front of the school as they were cheered on by our friends at Jefferson Elementary school in South Orange.

This year was the most successful year in the fundraiser 13 year history, raising over $140,000!! We would like to thank the Machemer Family, Halkyard Family, Gittleman Family, and everyone who supported the event. We would also like to congratulate the event committee: Alisa D’Angelo, Gina Wagner, Betsy Allemand, Alayna Quattrocchi, Steve Pasterick,Joseph Chmielewski, Marlee Steiginga, Trish O’Connor, Lisa Diorio, Marie Rem, Alyssa Flores, Martha Ortiz, Tiffany Miller, Tami Pantiliano, Tara Schwartz, Johneanna Toney- El, and Rachella Thomas.