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Horizon Schools

Horizon Schools serve students with multiple disabilities through a rigorous therapy program and state-of-the-art educational technology supplemented with critical program supports to create an enrichment experience that is simply unparalleled.
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FireS 006

Ms. Sandy’s class works on their Fire Safety Skills for Fire Safety Week!

Physiatry Clinics at Horizon Schools

The Horizon School and Horizon High School alternate each month, offering free physiatry clinics to their students. The clinics are  lead by Dr. Jenfu Cheng, from Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside. Dr. Cheng has 11 years of experience, and practices physical medicine and specializes in pediatric rehabilitation medicine. He works very closely with each school’s  therapy team to address any needs or concern  the therapy team or the students family may have.  He carefully  evaluates each student  during the clinic and will often give referral  recommendations to specialists,  as well as writes prescriptions for durable medical equipment or orthotics as needed. Dr. Cheng has become  a part of the collaborative team at both schools, helping the students  reach their maximum potential. (Students can be signed up for the medical clinic by contacting the schools therapy coordinator. )

Video Spotlight
Watch this short video to learn more about our Horizon Schools, our students and our programming.
Event Calendar
September  2019
  • 09/18
    PTTA Meeting
  • 09/25
    Back to School Night
  • 09/30
    Holiday-School Closed