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Horizon Schools serve students with multiple disabilities through a rigorous therapy program and state-of-the-art educational technology supplemented with critical program supports to create an enrichment experience that is simply unparalleled.
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Sara at our special needs preschool profile

Sara is our newest addition to the horizon preschool program(learn about the program here: http://goo.gl/1WeKKf).  She is a happy little 3-year-old who has already made significant progress given her short time here.  Sara is showing interest in exploring her environment both in school and at home.  She is starting to get onto her hands and knees and crawl. She is becoming more independent in her daily living skills as she is able to maintain her grasp on a spoon and bring it to her mouth. She is also demonstrating improved attention and eye contact during tasks.  Great job Sara!

Aiden a student at Horizon School special needs preschool program

Aiden is a 4-year-old who has benefited from our sensorimotor classroom program.  Aiden used to have difficulty with self-regulation and would demonstrate adverse responses to sensory and vestibular input.  However, since participating in this year’s sensorimotor based curriculum, he has demonstrated improved self-regulation and is tolerating various types of sensory and vestibular input.  He is happier and as a result, his feeding skills have greatly improved!  His speech therapist notes that he is now eating a regular diet and his digestion has improved.  This is a significant difference from the start of this school year!  We are so happy to see such great outcomes for Aiden! To learn more about our special needs preschool program click here.

Video Spotlight
Watch this short video to learn more about our Horizon Schools, our students and our programming.
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