Our Pillar Schools and day programs for adults are currently closed for participants. We are deeply grateful to our staff working in our group homes and our In-Home Supports program for continuing to serve our participants during this challenging time.


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Horizon Schools

Horizon Schools serve students with multiple disabilities through a rigorous therapy program and state-of-the-art educational technology supplemented with critical program supports to create an enrichment experience that is simply unparalleled.
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Horizon School students artwork is being displayed at Valley National Bank on South Livingston Avenue through April 14th. This past Thursday evening the Livingston Chamber of Commerce hosted a networking event at the bank, and guests enjoyed viewing the artwork and learning about CPNJ and it’s programs.

Many thanks to Mary Ann Beltz for supporting this event for the past 3 years.


Maxine is a very caring and sweet student who loves to help her teachers and care for her peers. Thanks to her hard work and dedication she has made huge improvements and has become much more independent since arriving at the school. Last year she starred in Horizon High School’s fantastic production of Mulan, in which she played the lead role. She did a tremendous job!


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Watch this short video to learn more about our Horizon Schools, our students and our programming.
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