Our Pillar Schools and day programs for adults are currently closed for participants. We are deeply grateful to our staff working in our group homes and our In-Home Supports program for continuing to serve our participants during this challenging time.


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Horizon Schools

Horizon Schools serve students with multiple disabilities through a rigorous therapy program and state-of-the-art educational technology supplemented with critical program supports to create an enrichment experience that is simply unparalleled.
School & Agency News

Please enjoy the debut of our new Pillar High School tour video! The video, made by our friends at StoryTrack, will be part of our new school website, which will be up soon. Thank you to all of the students, family members and staff at Pillar High for all of your help. Be sure to like and share to friends, family and loved ones!

Members of the Ankit Memorial Foundation visited our Pillar Elementary School yesterday to assist students with an art project depicting the four seasons. Students had a blast working with different medium like table salt, water and pastel crayons to create their masterpieces. The Ankit Memorial Foundation strives to educate and empower all children. Special thanks to our gracious volunteers for spending a wonderful morning with our students.

Video Spotlight
Watch this short video to learn more about our Horizon Schools, our students and our programming.
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