Preschool Profile: Lenny

Horizon School special need preschool program

Lenny is a four-year-old boy who attends Horizon School’s Therapeutic Preschool program.  When he started in the spring of 2013, he was unable to walk without assistance and had difficulty communicating his wants and needs effectively.  Lenny has made excellent progress since his start; some may not even recognize him walking the halls without his walker!  He took his first independent steps shortly after starting here and has been making great strides ever since.  Lenny is now able to walk independently and is able to verbalize his wants and needs much more easily.  He is also completely potty-trained.  Lenny can now feed himself independently and is working on meal set-up and clean-up. Lenny is well on his way to a more independent future and continues to demonstrate significant progress! We are all so proud of Lenny! To learn more about the preschool program please click here: