Splish Splash! Ealry Intervention Play Group (JUMPSTART!)

Members of our JUMPSTART! therapeutic playgroup worked with therapists in Pillar Elementary School’s (formerly Horizon School) indoor 92-degree aquatic therapy pool. In this session, Pillar therapists taught parents how to safely handle their child in a water environment while encouraging various position changes that are relevant to swimming and water safety. Movement in the warm water of the aquatic therapy pool addresses fine motor, gross motor, increased vocalization, and social interaction skills. This allowed the children to experience physical freedom of movement in a supportive, buoyant environment. Special thanks to all of our Early Intervention families for another spectacular playgroup! For more information about JUMPSTART! or to register for upcoming sessions, please contact Lisa Diorio at (973) 740 2353 ext. 2185 or via email at ldiorio@cpnj.org.